IAmAn Air Traffic Controller. The FAA will be hiring more controllers next month. This is a 6 figure job that does not require a college degree. AMA. 21 May 2018, 12:45 am

EDIT 5: I’ve got to hit the sack for the night. I will be up bright and early responding to EVERY message. Pinky promise.

EDIT 4: For now the best thing to do to make sure you do not miss the job posting is to go to the USA Jobs website HERE , make a profile, and set up notifications for job series 2152

EDIT 3: HERE is a great sight to research some more about the job while I try to continue to respond to everybody’s messages

EDIT 2: Guys I am thrilled at how many of you are interested in this field. I plan on getting as much information as I can about the upcoming bid and updating THIS post with said info.

EDIT: I’m getting a ton of responses, and I absolutely love it! I will respond to each and every one of you, it just may take some time.

Information about the job and requirements

Apply here next month - The listing will be for “Air Traffic Control Specialist Trainee”

To be eligible to apply in the upcoming hiring panel, you must be a US citizen, be under 31 years old, and have either 3 years of full time work experience, a bachelor’s degree, or a combination of both full time work experience and college credits.

Part of your application will be to take a Biographical Questionnaire. This is similar to personality tests you can find online. Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll have to wait a couple months to find out if you passed the BQ. If you didn’t, you’ll have to try again next time they open a hiring bid, which will most likely be next year. If you did pass, you will have to wait another month or so before getting a detailed email instructing you on what to do next. This will include getting your medical completed, as well as setting up an appointment for a psychological evaluation. Once you’ve done that and your background check is completed, you’ll once again have to wait months to find out a class date for the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. We joke around that the FAA’s motto is “Hurry up and wait”, and it’s pretty much spot on.

You will spend 3-4 months at the academy getting your initial training, the time difference being based on whether you were hired for Terminal (airport towers) or En Route (radar centers). At the end of your training you will take several examinations, which consist of you running simulated air traffic. If you fail, you lose your job. If you pass, you’ll get a list of facilities to choose from that can be anywhere in the country. YOU MUST BE WILLING TO RELOCATE. Once at your facility, you will continue your training on real traffic at your facility. This can take anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on your skill and the facility.

I can’t stress enough how amazing this job is. You will make anywhere from $70,000 - $180,000 per year, depending on your facility. And that’s without overtime. Controllers at New York TRACON are making over $230,000 per year right now. You will have a pension that will pay you around 40% of your highest 3 year gross pay average for the rest of your life, and a 401k that matches 5%. Mandatory retirement is at 56, but you can retire at 50 with full benefits. You will earn good vacation time, as well as 13 sick days per year. On any given 8 hour shift you will have anywhere from 2-4 hours of break time. The worst part about the schedule is the rotating shift work, but it’s not that bad.

Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask here or PM me. I would love to help as many people get into this field as possible. Most people have no idea that this is even a thing.

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