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Mark Zuckerberg agrees to a live stream of his European Parliament testimony 21 May 2018, 10:50 am

Gay man says Pope told him: 'God made you like that and loves you like that' 21 May 2018, 10:24 am

A victim of clerical sexual abuse has revealed that Pope Francis told him that God made him gay and that his sexuality "does not matter."

See who won the Billboard Music Awards 21 May 2018, 10:21 am

The 2018 Billboard Music Awards celebrated some of music's biggest names on Sunday night.

Analysis: Trump unleashes new political earthquake with FBI spy charge 21 May 2018, 10:16 am

President Donald Trump has wrenched the United States back to the brink of a constitutional showdown after a weekend of rage culminated in his demand for an investigation into claims that the Obama administration inserted a spy in his 2016 campaign.

Venezuelan President is re-elected 21 May 2018, 10:14 am

Venezuelans trekked to the polls Sunday to elect a new president, amid widespread economic anxiety and voter apathy.

Pompeo set to unveil 'Plan B' for Iran 21 May 2018, 10:09 am

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will unveil the administration's "Plan B" for countering Iran on Monday, an idea that some critics call a "pipe dream," while others question whether the administration is coming clean on its goals for the country.

5 things to know before the opening bell 21 May 2018, 8:58 am

De Niro returns for 'SNL' season finale 21 May 2018, 8:54 am

"Saturday Night Live" marked special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation first anniversary with a spoof of "The Sopranos'" final scene.

Texas governor has opposed gun control. Now he's leading a discussion on stopping school shootings 21 May 2018, 8:15 am

In the wake of Friday's deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott plans to convene "roundtable discussions" on how to curb gun violence. But given his strong pro-gun rights record, some gun control advocates are skeptical about his ability to adequately address the issue.

Ex-model and son die in plunge from hotel 21 May 2018, 8:14 am

A 47-year-old former model involved in a custody dispute plunged to her death from a Manhattan hotel Friday, according to three law enforcement sources.

Trump's top immigration critic could become the governor of a key border state 21 May 2018, 8:11 am

President Donald Trump's immigration agenda has few more outspoken opponents than Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who, as chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, has served as the voice of Hispanic and Democratic members of Congress in condemning the administration's policies.

Hillary Clinton pokes at Trump with furry Russian hat 21 May 2018, 8:07 am

While speaking during Yale University's 2018 class day, Hillary Clinton took a jab at her former 2016 campaign rival, now-President Donald Trump.

A 'confidence code' for girls: 5 ways to build up our daughters 21 May 2018, 7:37 am

If there's one quality I want my girls to have more than any other, it is confidence.

Unnecessary use of ADHD drugs skyrockets 21 May 2018, 7:29 am

Exposure to common medications used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has increased by more than 60% in US children and adolescents, according to a new study.

Starbucks alters its definition of a customer 21 May 2018, 7:28 am

'SNL' hits a comedic nerve with its Trump/Sopranos skit 21 May 2018, 7:12 am

"Saturday Night Live's" season finale once again served up an opening political sketch that told the truth while making us laugh. This time, the iconic show ended its 43rd season with a parody of the famed last scene from "The Sopranos" series finale, where Tony Soprano sat at a diner surrounded by his family as a man glared at him from nearby.

What the royal family and Donald Trump both understand 21 May 2018, 6:46 am

The royal family and President Donald Trump could not be less alike when it comes to custom, etiquette and breeding.

Mr. President, don't let Kim take advantage of you 21 May 2018, 5:17 am

Every week, I offer a glimpse of the kind of intelligence assessments that are likely to come across the desk of the President of the United States. Modeled on the President's Daily Briefing, or PDB, which the director of national intelligence prepares for the President almost daily, my Presidential Weekly Briefing focuses on the topics and issues the President needs to know to make informed decisions.

Cougar kills mountain biker in rare attack 21 May 2018, 2:49 am

The survivor of a cougar attack in the Cascade Mountains near Seattle is recounting a harrowing story that left a fellow cyclist dead.

Meghan leaves mark on monarchy 21 May 2018, 2:45 am

When Prince William married Catherine Middleton in 2011, it was hard to ignore the fact that the occasion was largely white, male and entrenched in the sort of tradition the world associates with the British monarchy.

How the GOP can save face in November 21 May 2018, 2:44 am

Republicans allowed a crucial farm bill that renewed major agriculture programs to fall apart over immigration on Friday, in the most recent demonstration of why the party should be worried about losing control of Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. Each special election brings more evidence that Democrats are motivated, enthused, and prepared.

Lt. governor blames many things, not guns 21 May 2018, 2:24 am

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Sunday said school shootings aren't happening because of an issue with guns. Rather, he blamed them on a litany of reasons, including violent video games, the nation's culture and irresponsible gun owners.

What a shot! 27 amazing sports photos 21 May 2018, 12:46 am

Take a look at 27 amazing sports photos from May 14 through May 20.

FYI: English isn't the official language of the United States 20 May 2018, 11:54 pm

Aaron Schlossberg, a lawyer in New York, was the subject of a viral video last week after he was caught on camera berating staff members of a restaurant for speaking Spanish with customers.

Giuliani floats Mueller obstruction probe end date 20 May 2018, 10:09 pm

Rudy Giuliani said that special counsel Robert Mueller suggested last month the probe into potential wrongdoing by President Donald Trump could end by September.

Hawaii lava hits Pacific to create new danger 20 May 2018, 8:23 pm

First it was catastrophic lava. Then it was sulfur dioxide. Now Big Island residents have yet another danger to worry about.

Jimmy Carter jabs at Trump's crowd size 20 May 2018, 6:29 pm

Former President Jimmy Carter makes a subtle joke about the crowd size during President Trump's commencement speech the year prior at Liberty University in Virginia.

Opinion: Do falling rocks cause sea level rise? 20 May 2018, 5:39 pm

As any teacher or parent knows, occasionally a public figure says something that has "teachable moment" written all over it. US Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Alabama, provided such an opportunity last week.

Stelter asks Conway: Where is Trump getting his info? 20 May 2018, 5:39 pm

"If there was evidence of collusion, it would've leaked out by now," Kellyanne Conway says. Brian Stelter challenges Conway to identify the sources of Trump's wild claims and conspiracy theories about the Russia probe.

There's a surprising lack of good polling in this year's key Senate races 20 May 2018, 5:00 pm

Calling balls and strikes is difficult when you're partially blind.

Kellyanne Conway, anchor spar over leaks 20 May 2018, 4:32 pm

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, gets into a heated discussion with CNN's Brian Stelter about leaks at the White House.

'Deadpool 2' topples 'Avengers' at the box office 20 May 2018, 4:20 pm

'The Fifth Element' director accused of rape 20 May 2018, 2:52 pm

A rape investigation has been launched against one of France's best-known film directors, Luc Besson, the Paris prosecutor's office told CNN on Saturday.

Rapper involved in near-death car crash 20 May 2018, 11:38 am

Rapper Offset from Migos shares photos of his mangled Dodge Challenger after being involved in a near-death car crash in Atlanta.

'SNL' parodies royal wedding reception 20 May 2018, 10:41 am

"Saturday Night Live" spoofs an inside look at what could have been the reception following the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Christianity and depression: It's complicated 20 May 2018, 9:47 am

Aerials show lava river in Hawaii 20 May 2018, 8:11 am

Lava from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is causing an increase in brush fires. CNN's Stephanie Elam reports.

Meghan debuts Stella McCartney gown 20 May 2018, 2:38 am

The Duchess of Sussex made an appearance Saturday evening ahead of her second wedding reception in a bespoke gown designed by Stella McCartney.

Here's every romantic, emotional moment 19 May 2018, 4:55 pm

What a wedding!

Famous royal wedding guests: Who was there 19 May 2018, 3:00 pm

Royalty, actors, athletes, fashionistas ... Watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding guests roll up on the big day.

Royal wedding breaks from monarchy tradition 19 May 2018, 2:04 pm

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding at Windsor Castle departed from tradition in ways that not long ago seemed almost unimaginable.

Warner: It's 'potentially illegal' to identify FBI source in effort to undercut Russia probe 19 May 2018, 5:19 am

Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, warned on Friday it could be illegal for lawmakers to uncover the identity of an intelligence source in an attempt to undercut the federal investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.

White women like me, we need to talk 18 May 2018, 11:10 pm

Opinion: Hey 'Speak English' guy, you forgot something 18 May 2018, 10:34 pm

This morning I watched the viral video from the Fresh Kitchen deli in Manhattan, where a man is seen confronting staff and customers because he heard some diners speaking Spanish and the staff responding in Spanish.

Thoughts and prayers this isn't true in Texas 18 May 2018, 10:22 pm

Americans don't want to admit it. But we are used to this now.

Jennifer Aniston to play POTUS in Netflix movie 18 May 2018, 8:41 pm

Jennifer Aniston is headed to the White House in an upcoming Netflix comedy film, and she's bringing her wife with her.

It's not just you: Everything is getting more expensive 18 May 2018, 8:20 pm

We have a vaccine for Ebola. Will it work this time? 18 May 2018, 4:24 pm

The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the Ebola health risk assessment to "very high" in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ahead of an emergency meeting Friday to discuss the worsening outbreak.

How to keep travel snacks healthy 18 May 2018, 8:36 am

Traveling can wreak havoc on our diets, but packing a nutritious snack or meal before heading out the door can get us started on the right healthy eating track and perhaps give us a bit of wiggle room for indulgences before arriving at our destination.

Attorney's history of racist rants 17 May 2018, 10:37 pm

A man berated employees and customers for speaking Spanish in a New York restaurant. Video of the tirade has been viewed more than 5 million times on Facebook. This may not be the first outburst from the attorney.

'Captain Marvel' won't be what you might expect 17 May 2018, 5:35 pm

"Captain Marvel" is about a year away from theaters, but the final cut may not be what fans are anticipating.

Think twice before swimming at a hotel 17 May 2018, 5:02 pm

Hotels set the stage for nearly a third of all disease outbreaks in the United States linked to chlorinated or treated water -- such as pools and hot tubs -- between 2000 and 2014, according to a new government report. During that 15-year period, a total of 493 outbreaks linked to treated recreational water were reported in 46 states and Puerto Rico, the report indicates.

Preview this summer's hottest movies 17 May 2018, 4:30 pm

"Deadpool 2" isn't the only eagerly awaited film this summer.

Sleeper train brings romance back to travel 17 May 2018, 1:44 pm

Teen develops 'wet lung' after vaping 17 May 2018, 1:05 pm

An 18-year-old woman working as a hostess in a rural Pennsylvania restaurant decided to try e-cigarettes, perhaps another of the innumerable bistro workers hoping to calm frayed nerves with a smoke -- or in this case, a vape.

Backstreet Boys are back (alright!) 17 May 2018, 5:08 am

If it feels like it's been a while since you've heard new music from the Backstreet Boys, it's because it has. But, as we all enjoy saying every few years: Backstreet's Back.

Trump wants a military parade. Here's how other countries do it 13 May 2018, 3:39 am

President Donald Trump wants a military parade. We look at which other countries around the world can show him how its done.

Richard Branson considers this one of his biggest mistakes 11 May 2018, 11:06 pm

The drones that fly 24/7, no humans needed 1 May 2018, 7:04 pm

Watch surfers ride $30 million wave 20 Apr 2018, 8:08 am

Surfing legend Laird Hamilton saves dozens of people and animals from floodwaters in Hawaii.

Opinion: Will Markle become the royal family's silent feminist? 28 Nov 2017, 11:29 pm

With the upcoming marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, a feminist is set to become a member of the British royal family.

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