What I Did With My Raspberry Pi This Weekend


posted March 9, 2015

I hooked the Pi up to my TV on Saturday, installed the OS (Raspbian), and launched the GUI. Mostly checked out the web browser, and my daughter played Minecraft Pi, but we had trouble escaping it because we couldn’t find the “x” one is supposed to click to close the app. (I wonder if I need to change the display settings.)

I used Terminal to check out most of the demo programs outlined at Raspberry Pi Learning Resources.

I also enabled SSH by using the raspi-config command. Got the IP address and SSH’d into the Pi from my iPhone. (My fav app is Serverauditor.)

Other interesting tidbits I learned on the command line: the Pi runs Python 2.7.3 and Ruby 1.9.3. I may git clone some programs just to play around.

One annoyance: I was trying to sign in to one of Dave Winer’s new apps via Twitter oAuth in the web browser, and Twitter wouldn’t let me – it said mobile Twitter didn’t support it. I guess Twitter reads the Pi as mobile because it uses an Arm processor? But if I can get Twitter authorization on my iPhone why can’t I on the Pi?