Share a Note via a Shared Dropbox URL


Posted March 23, 2015 is a web note-taking app. I would not exactly call it an alternative to Evernote, but it does allow you to write notes in markdown, tag them, and assign them to notebooks. The app uses localStorage and indexdb so that all your notes are saved in browser memory. However, you can sync with Dropbox.

Syncing with Dropbox is not as easy as authorizing an app, because you have to create an app. The app settings gives you basic instructions. (If you have problems, please visit the issues section on GitHub. I had to add a redirect URI – to make it work.)

Once you’re set and start syncing, you can find a json file (located in your new app’s Dropbox folder) for each note, notebook, and tag. I have written a script to parse the json of a note and show its title and markdown body, provided you enter the shared Dropbox URL of that note. The example URL provided on that page is the default note that appears when you first start the app.

If you write a note and want to share it with someone, you can just provide them the shared Dropbox URL and the link to my script. (All work happens in the browser; your note is not uploaded to a server.) There is no easy way to identify a note by its filename; I either go by the modified date or preview the text file for its contents so I know which one to share.