How I’m Migrating My Blog Posts to My Own Server


I had set up a CNAME redirect so that my blog would show up at I am glad I chose to do that, because I can maintain the same permalinks while hosting these posts on my own server. However I still have to migrate the posts before archives them.

Here are the steps I am taking:

  1. Create a subdomain thoughts for via cPanel, so that I can upload new HTML files to public_html/thoughts and have them show up at after I remove the DNS settings.
  2. Create a post directory in thoughts by SSHing into my server. (You can also do this via FTP). mdkir post then chmod 755 ./post/ to make it readable.
  3. Start migrating. Visit my most recent post, view the source, and copy all the HTML within the “post-content” container: <div class="post-content"></div>.
  4. Create a static HTML page using StackEdit, although one can simply drop the above content between the body tags of a bare-bones HTML file. With StackEdit I can upload a templated HTML file directly to my server via SSH, so I don’t even have to use FTP.
  5. The permalinks do not end in .html, so I have to create a directory just for the post, and then upload index.html into that directory. In the case of this link: I have to make a directory called leaving-postach-io-get-my-new-rss-feed in my post folder.
  6. When I’m ready, I upload my HTML file via SSH to /home/******/public_html/thoughts/post/leaving-postach-io-get-my-new-rss-feed/index.html where ****** is the username for my server.

Unfortunately, I cannot test how the uploaded HTML file looks until I delete the CNAME redirect in my DNS settings, but theoretically (after I follow all these steps for all of my blog posts) all my old permalinks will work just fine.

Migrating Images

If I dragged an image into Evernote and then blogged it, uploaded it to an Amazon S3 bucket:

I can only assume that they will delete images of archived blogs, so in these instances I need to find the post in Evernote, choose “inspect element” over the uploaded image, and grab the image URL, which would look something like this:

As long as I keep this note shared, I assume that I can “hotlink” to the image URL. If not, I can just upload the original image to Dropbox, make it shareable, and use that URL instead.