# March 2016 Update [home](..) _posted March 9, 2016_ I haven't posted to this blog in a long time. Lots of transitions in my personal life. But I thought I'd share some changes in my internet use and workflow. * I've been spending more time on Facebook and less on Twitter. Primarily because I have felt the need to blog about transitions in my personal life. My real-life friends are not on Twitter, they're on Facebook. So I post to friends only there, and use privacy filters to exclude a few people. I only really use Twitter as a source of news via [Nuzzel](http://nuzzel.com). * I've pretty much abandoned [River4](https://github.com/scripting/river4) except to run a river for my [astrology blog](http://sasstrology.com/astrology-blogs). My AWS bill for that is a little over $5/month. Still using Heroku for that. For feed reading, I've moved on to [Feedly](http://feedly.com). Although I am in favor of supporting web services with my money in general, I do not feel compelled to give Feedly my money. I don't know if I am ambivalent about the service or if the add-ons provided to paying members just aren't compelling enough. * Just learned about [Marxi.co](http://marxi.co), which is a markdown editor based on [StackEdit](https://stackedit.io) that syncs with Evernote. I love Evernote, but I hate writing in it, because I hate WYSIWYG editors. Evernote is great for adding media and forwarding emails and attachments, it sucks for heavily-formatted text. On the phone I use it for checklists, but for complicated documents, I am attracted to Marxi.co because I can write the way I like to write, and it will show up marked-up in Evernote. There is a link in Evernote that I can click to go back to the source document in Marxi.co to edit. The developer requires an annual fee after a free trial, and I'm confident I will pay.