Data Export on


posted on March 20, 2015

I’ve been exploring the port on It appears that the only difference between the port and the web app is that there are no sync options; all data is stored locally in However, there is an option to download a grain’s data. I opened the zip file of the backup; it contains an assortment of json files. For example, each note’s filename starts with laverna.notes- followed by a string of numbers (perhaps a hash?). Here is the default note that comes when you first open

"{\"id\":\"31731c90-09e5-7569-8e0e-f1feafb6f7c5\",\"title\":\"How to use tags and tasks\",\"content\":\"### How to use tags in Laverna\\n\\nWhen you are editing or creating notes, write \\\"@\\\" before any word to create a tag.\\n\\n### How to use tasks in Laverna\\n\\nYou can create tasks by prefacing line with [ ] or [x] (incomplete or complete, respectively). Tasks will be automatically rendered as checkboxes that you can check on and off.\\n\",\"taskAll\":0,\"taskCompleted\":0,\"created\":1426790176686,\"updated\":1426790176687,\"notebookId\":0,\"tags\":[],\"isFavorite\":0,\"trash\":0,\"synchronized\":0,\"images\":[]}"

If you can’t make sense of the above, there is a content object whose value is the entire markdown note. The backslashes are a combination of escapes and indicators of new lines. So with a little bit of json parsing, it should be pretty easy to take the export from and get your notes as normal text files.

Currently I’m running on an Amazon EC2 Ubuntu instance, which I am accessing via remote desktop. I’ve been saving my backup zip file to Dropbox by scp’ing to the root of my VPS (on which I have Dropbox running):

scp My\ **[email protected]**:/root/Dropbox/Backups