I Cannot Settle on an RSS Feed Reader


Here is my crazy RSS experience right now:

In addition, I check out the most tweeted links in my network on Nuzzel, which is a bit like Fever, but instead of feeds it looks at people I follow.

I wish I could commit to just one service, but they all leave something to be desired. At one time I was reading actual posts within Fever, but now I only look at the Hot section. I cannot figure out how to get a good TT-RSS mobile experience on my iPhone. And River 4 is not-ready-for-prime-time imo – sometimes I see two-week-old news at the top of my rivers.

What I like: River 4 because it provides a quick overview of all the feeds in a single opml file. Fever for a look at what’s being talked about. TT-RSS for the Google Reader-like experience. And I love Nuzzel to see what stories are being talked about on Twitter.

Looking at the above bullet points (I’m excluding Nuzzel), I see one thing in common: these feed readers are all hosted on my server. I place a premium on that independence. Even if the developers of any of these services decide to cease development, I still have the software, and it will probably run effectively for a long time (at least the PHP ones – I don’t have as much faith in node.js at the moment).