**Why Evernote Beats Apple Notes** [home](..) _posted 2015-10-30_ [David Pogue](https://www.yahoo.com/tech/why-i-ditched-evernote-for-1286074947960886.html) recently wrote about migrating his entire Evernote database into Apple/iOS Notes. I can think of several use cases in which Notes.app does _not_ do the job: 1. Evernote premium members can search PDFs and images, so I can drop pretty much _anything_ into Evernote and feel more-or-less confident that I can find it later, whether it's a photo of a hand-written note or a document that I captured by Scannable into PDF. 2. I can use the Evernote clipper to select an unpublished Sasstrology blog post in preview and share it with my social media manager, so she can read it without having to log into WordPress with the required role. 3. I can forward emails (including attachments) to Evernote. 4. Evernote has great service integrations, like with IFTTT. I use a service called [FileThis][1] that sends most of my bills into Evernote so that I can be paperless without having to sign in to various sites and download bills and statements. 5. TAGS. I use them _a lot_ for search. I _do_ use Notes, and I have been playing around with saving PDFs or Safari web links into them, and I like that I now can create folders. But I just don't think Evernote is as clunky (currently) as Pogue would lead one to believe. **Addendum:** Oh, and this... [1]: https://filethis.com

@mattcassinelli I don't know how many gigs of data I save into Evernote, but wouldn't Apple require that it all be stored on the device?

— Jeffrey Kishner (@kishner) October 30, 2015