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Chart Wheel WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows a blogger to enter a shortcode (in the WordPress HTML editor) such as [chart date="march 5 1970 4:52pm EST"] and a chart for that time will automatically generate in the post.

This is what the chart looks like:

Many different date and time formats are supported. See this documentation for details.

For example, [chart date="1970-03-05 16:52-0500"] and [chart date="3/5/70 21:52 UTC"] produce the exact same chart as [chart date="march 5 1970 4:52pm EST"]

You do not need to specify a time. The chart will default to 8:00 UTC.

[chart date="1970-03-05"]

If you just write [chart] you’ll get the chart for “right now.” (See this in action at Sasstrology.)

You can define the size:

[chart date="march 5 1970 4:52pm EST" size="400"] where "400" means 400 pixels in height and width.

The default Ascendant is 0 Aries. You can change the degree of the Ascendant. If you want to show 0 Virgo Rising, enter asc="150" because 0 Virgo is 150 degrees from 0 Aries.

[chart date="march 5 1970 4:52pm EST" size="400" asc="150"]

You can add a name to the top left of the chart:

[chart date="march 5 1970 4:52pm EST" size="400" asc="150" name="Jeffrey Kishner"]

The order of these 4 parameters does not matter, as long as they are preceded by “chart.”

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the effect of this plugin on your blog. You install it at your own risk. This plugin takes advantage of the API from PlanetWatcher and is dependent upon this service for it to work. This plugin is not affiliated with PlanetWatcher.com.

Installation Instruction

  • Download zip file to your hard drive.
  • Go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  • Choose “chartwheel.zip” from your hard drive and click “Install Now.”
  • Activate plugin

If you would like to support this plugin, please make a donation via PayPal below. Donations will be held in reserve for any of the following, at my discretion:

  • To make a contribution to PlanetWatcher to cover server costs
  • To pay for future development costs to keep up with WordPress upgrades or add additional features upon request

Some Ideas for the Future

  • Add a drop down menu in the Visual editor that allows blogger to choose date and time.

Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I draw up a chart for a specific location?
PlanetWatcher does not have an atlas.

How can I get this to work on my WordPress.com blog?
You can’t. You need a self-hosted blog.


  • 0.2 Added “name” parameter.
  • 0.1 Original release

This plugin is released under the GNU General Public License.