To get away with a bank robbery as a teenager go in naked. they cant look at the security footage because its child pornography. 20 Feb 2018, 5:19 am

Edit: thanks for front page reddit Also for those who keep mentioning it, i am unaware of the tit flashing video lol

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Warren Buffet just won his ten-year bet about index funds outperforming hedge funds 20 Feb 2018, 2:19 am

"Over the years, I’ve often been asked for investment advice, and in the process of answering I’ve learned a good deal about human behavior. My regular recommendation has been a low-cost S&P 500 index fund. To their credit, my friends who possess only modest means have usually followed my suggestion.

I believe, however, that none of the mega-rich individuals, institutions or pension funds has followed that same advice when I’ve given it to them. Instead, these investors politely thank me for my thoughts and depart to listen to the siren song of a high-fee manager or, in the case of many institutions, to seek out another breed of hyper-helper called a consultant."


"Over the decade-long bet, the index fund returned 7.1% compounded annually. Protégé funds returned an average of only 2.2% net of all fees. Buffett had made his point. When looking at returns, fees are often ignored or obscured. And when that money is not re-invested each year with the principal, it can almost never overtake an index fund if you take the long view."

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