Day One Entry Form

This web app enables you to import a journal entry into the Day One - Journal iPhone app. Just write your journal (Markdown is supported) in the form below, hit "Submit," and either copy the results into the body of an email to yourself, or click on the "email yourself" link to automatically populate an email with your journal entry.

Next, open the email on your iPhone (doesn't work with webmail, for best results use the native Mail app), click on the link in the body of the message, and your journal entry will automatically be entered into the Day One app.

Your Privacy

This form does not submit your email address or your journal entry to any database, it simply converts your entry into a clickable link that opens the Day One app and adds your journal entry. If you are using a public computer, close this window after use or highlight the address bar and hit "enter" to refresh the page. (If you copy the link to the clipboard, make sure to copy something new to it after you paste it into your email!)

Your email address (optional)


This web app is not associated with Day One - Journal or Bloom Built, LLC.

The code for this app can be found on github. Please contact me or leave a comment if you have feedback.